College Success Evaluation Quiz

Students: Invest 2 minutes and answer these eight questions to find out how to graduate from high school with the best grades and to succeed in college. I will send you a free evaluation with valuable strategies you will need to succeed. Parents and educators: Your kids and students must be able to answer these critical questions and score 24 or above to be successful in college. Find out if they have the soft skills and knowledge to be college ready.

1.   To what degree do you know and use your best sensory learning style?

2.   How successful have you been in setting and achieving clearly written, specific and measurable goals?

3.   What percentage of the time do you use effective time management strategies, avoid procrastination and get assignments done on time?

4.   How well have you used specific and strategic systems for effectively studying text books and your class notes to make excellent grades?

5.   How successful are you at using specific test taking skills and strategies on multiple choice and essay tests to make excellent grades?

6.   To what extent do you know how to discover work you will love, do well, and be passionate about?

7.   How many days per week do you do aerobic, strength building, and flexibility exercises and eat well to maintain the energy and mental alertness needed to succeed in school and life?

8.   To what extent have you created the life you want and made a positive difference in the world?

Thank you for taking the College Success Evaluation Quiz. You will find not only your score, but steps you can take immediately to become a better student.