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Introduction by Raymond Gerson

High school and college students:
Learn how to become a better student in 20 hours or less with proven,
easy-to-use study skills and strategies. Make the best use of your time and succeed!

Get training and a complete turnkey rapid student success acceleration system.
Very soon your job security will depend on your ability to help your students to
succeed in school and to meet new college readiness standards.

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Motivational and Humorous Video for
Teachers and Students with Lessons

By Raymond Gerson

Raymond in Action With Students
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Comments About Raymond's Training
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“Raymond Gersonís training was filled with practical, easy to understand, easy to implement strategies for increasing student success. These strategies could be taught in a separate course, or incorporated into the existing curriculum. This makes the course even more appealing, because of the flexibility. The participants from my region were very enthusiastic about implementing the strategies in their high schools, some as early as 9th grade. They really appreciated having the complete package they needed to get started: the student book, teacher book, and lesson plans. Every high school student should be required to take this course. I recommend this training to every high school principal and high school counselor!”

Patti Tessen, Consultant for Transition/Evaluation. Region XIV Education Service Center

“Excellent! Mr. Raymond Gerson did an “awesome” job. You can tell he researched this information extensively.”

Patricia Cannon, Special ED. Instructional Coach with Humble ISD.

“Teachers go to a lot of trainings/in-services. Most are a complete waste of time. This was the best training Iíve ever gone to; relevant, confirming and inspiring.”

Steve Gross, VAC with Klein ISD.

“The training and the book appear to be exactly what a teacher/counselor/coordinator needs to implement these critical skills in the classroom. I am impressed with the practical aspect of Raymondís presentation as well as the wonderful simplicity and organization of the manuals. It is a rare workshop where you can receive material and can immediately envision using the material. This workshop provides that type of immediacy. Truly remarkable!”

Lisa Cook, Coordinator of Academic Services with St.Agnes Academy.

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Achieve College Success...Learn How
in20 Hours or Less

Raymond Gerson
Learn How to Achieve College Success
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Here is professional guidance to help you:
  • Identify and accomplish your goals;
  • Identify your type of
  • Discover and use your best learning style;
  • Make the best use of your time;
  • Learn how to study and succeed in school;
  • Develop test taking and memory strategies for greater success;
  • Identify your skills and matching careers;
  • Get fit and maintain your health;
  • Create the life you want and make a positive difference.
Comments by educators:

Bill Young's comments about Learn How to Achieve College Success... In 20 Hours or Less by Raymond Gerson

"I have pilot tested and plan to adopt Professor Gerson's book for my "Transition to College Success" course because of its simplicity and readability. It helps students stay focused on reading which is a major event and most important for college achievement. Many of my students are not proficient readers. This book helps to open their minds."

Bill Young, PhD, Professor of Human Development
Austin Community College

"This book captures Raymond's energy, insights and experience from a lifetime of guiding people to success in school, careers and life and makes them available to students in high schools and colleges everywhere."

Tobin Quereau, Professor of Human Development and Assistant Department Chair for Behavioral Sciences
Austin Community College

"I really like the book. It is well written, very approachable and packed with great ideas for student development."

Lynn Skaggs, PhD, Professor of Psychology
Central Texas College

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Raymond Gerson
Learn How to Achieve College Success
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